M.Tech. CSE

M.Tech. CSE

Program Education Objectives (PEO)
1. Practice with an expertise in academics, entrepreneurship, design and development in computing technology, or research in a specialized area of computer science and Engineering to pursue higher studies.
2. Exhibit analytical, decision ­making and problem solving skills by applying research principles for handling real life problems with realistic constraints.
3. Ability to communicate the findings or express innovative ideas in an effective manner with an awareness of professional, social and ethical responsibilities.

Program Outcomes (PO)
a.Apply knowledge of recent computing technologies, skills and current tools of computer science and engineering.
b.Ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.
c. Knowledge of contemporary research issues in the different areas of computer science & engineering
d. Ability to explore research gaps, analyze and carry out research in the specialized/emerging areas.
e. Design software systems, components, or processes to meet identified needs within economic, environmental and social constraints.
f. Ability to express/present ideas in an impressive and professional manner.
g. Recognize the need to engage in lifelong learning through continuing education and research.
h. Ability to work in multi­disciplinary and multi­cultural environment.
i. Ability to become entrepreneur based upon societal needs.
j. An understanding of professional, social and ethical responsibilities.

Program Administrative System-Committees

PEO and PO Formulation Committee
Programme Assessment & Evaluation Committee

Process of defining Vision, Mission, PO and PEO

Vision and Mission
Program Education Objectives(PEO)
Program Outcomes(PO)


PEO with PO


Assessment Tools
Mapping of POs with Course Assessment Tools